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Kickstarter Campaign was a major success. We are thankful for the outpouring of pledges made by fans, and can't wait to share with you the best possible film about Chris. More information to come.

– Team Dust Radio / March 5th, 2012

We're pleased and very proud to announce that Dust Radio: A Film About Chris Whitley, is now a collaboration between filmmakers, Jonathan Mayor and Michael Borofsky.

Michael is an accomplished Producer/Director, who brings years of incredible experience to the project (has worked with Dylan, Elvis Costello, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Michael Jackson, The Pixies, etc.); as well as bringing dozens of hours of unseen Chris Footage from 1991 and '92. This footage allows us to (finally) show the whole story for the first time, marrying Chris's exciting ascent into the business, with the humble and estranged last days of his life.

The film will stay an independent production as it takes on this bigger and more exciting form. New interviews with Chris surface in this new footage, as well as many extraordinary live and behind the scenes moments. We'll be launching a fund raising campaign in mid-December and January with hopes to be finishing post production in February 2012. We believe this partnership should allow us to tell the biggest and best story possible;. We llook forward to completing the journey we started many years ago, to share.

Please check the Facebook page for updates, additional news, clips, interviews, etc. And please spread the word about Chris and his music.

– Jonathan Mayor / December, 2011


"A documentary feature film about the late singer-songwriter Chris Whitley... who began his career on Columbia in 1991 as a highly acclaimed blues roots-rocker, moving deeper into rock & roll and alternative rock as his career progressed. His many albums (on both majors and smaller labels) received universally good reviews and his fan base among other musicians and critical journalists was vast and well documented.

Chris remained to his end, a prisoner of his obsessions and artistic ambitions. A searcher and prolific creator, forever different in his approach to music and expression. He was an outsider and a pioneer, and someone desperately struggling to carve out his own thing at at any cost. He was the consummate artist. A once in a lifetime talent with a devotion and dedication to his art that’s even harder to come by. A legend to the legends so to speak, winning fans ranging from reporters to peers; Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Prince, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morisette, Johnny Lang, Iggy Pop.

Whitley released records and toured extensively through the 1990’s and into the new millennium. He spent his life recording and on the road. In mid-October 2005, after 30 years of traveling and playing, Chris Whitley, battling complications from lung cancer, cancelled the remainder of tour dates in support of then his latest record, Soft Dangerous Shores. He was estranged from his lover of many years and unclear of what his future held. I sat with him in New York throughout this time. The result is straight forward and intensely real. A sobering portrait of a great and widely forgotten about artist near his end; critically heralded and touted in the 90’s, now destitute and estranged."

– Jonathan Mayor / Director January, 2010


Official W
eb site under production.
Now in post-production
Reviewing archived footage... some really amazing moments.
Can't wait to dig deeper.
Really incredible upgrades and media coming to the film.
Looking to begin cutting again asap, Getting ready for release next year.
Happy Halloween CW fans.
Don't let the silence scare you.
Things are moving along and the right roads are being travelled.
The distance may be a little longer than expected but the end point is the same. Full steam ahead even if the throttle seems stuck.
We have some new announcements coming soon,
a new team member as well as several exciting new interviews.
Still pulling footage and amazed by the additions.
Began cutting new trailer and scenes for preview online. Formalizing other post-production tasks, trying to stay current on Facebook.
Please continue to check back.
Very proud to announce Michael Borofsky has joined up with the project. Read more about it on this page, to the left!
Funding via Kickstarter begins! Finally, a long road to this point needs help for completion. Our goal must be met by the beginning of March.
Funding via Kickstarter was a major success.

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